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Announcing Pixie’s Public Beta Launch and Series A

Zain Asgar, Ishan Mukherjee

October 01, 2020

In 2018, we started Pixie to build a magical developer experience to redefine how we explore, monitor, secure, and manage our applications. Today, we’re excited to finally share it with the broader developer community by launching Pixie Community’s Public Beta along with announcing our Series A investment by Benchmark and GV!

Pixie Community is a free forever developer tool which gives developers instant application observability. With Pixie, developers don’t need to change code, manually set up ad hoc dashboards or compromise on how much application performance data they can observe.

At its core, Pixie aims to save developers time. As we moved towards building microservices-based applications on Kubernetes, we grew frustrated by how tedious it was to instrument and analyze performance data. This led us to get heads-down to make three simple ideas real:

  • No-Instrumentation Data Collection: Pixie leverages novel technologies like eBPF to automatically collect baseline data (metrics, traces, logs and events) for the application, Kubernetes, OS and network layers. For last-mile custom data, developers can dynamically collect logs using eBPF or ingest existing telemetry.

  • Script-based Analysis: Developers and operators use Pixie by running community contributed, team specific or custom scripts from Pixie’s native debugging interfaces (web, mobile, terminal) or from integrations with established monitoring platforms. This code-based approach enables efficient analysis, collaboration and automation.

  • Kubernetes Native Edge Compute: Pixie runs entirely inside Kubernetes as a distributed machine data system without customer data being transferred outside. This novel architecture provides customers a secure, cost-effective and scalable way to access unlimited data, deploy AI/ML models at source and setup streaming telemetry pipelines.

In preparation for today’s launch, we started Pixie’s Private Beta in May to get early community feedback. The response from the community was humbling and fundamental in shaping the Pixie. Today, early “Pixineauts” range from developers in early stage startups to engineering teams building internet scale streaming applications who are all already running Pixie in their production Kubernetes environments.

Today, we are also announcing our $9.15 million in Series A funding led by Benchmark with participation from GV. This investment will enable us to open up Pixie to the broader community and continue to improve our developer experience. Our goal is to make Pixie not only the most efficient (and fun!) developer tool but also the most extensible. With this investment, we’ll be doubling down in scaling our community efforts to accelerate the democratization of machine data.

Thank you for all the support to date 🙏 We’re excited to build Pixie for the community and with the community. If you are interested in Pixie’s data superpowers: try Pixie Community's Public Beta, sign-up for Pixie Demo Day, and if you are interested, we’re hiring!

Zain Asgar

GVP/GM @ New Relic, Co-Founder/CEO of Pixie Labs

Ishan Mukherjee

Co-Founder/CPO of Pixie Labs
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