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Accelerating the Pixie community with New Relic

Zain Asgar, Ishan Mukherjee, Pixie Founding Team

December 09, 2020

We are excited to announce that we signed a definitive agreement to join New Relic -- an outcome we certainly never predicted after only just two years.

New Relic’s focus on the developer is legendary. When New Relic's Founder/CEO, Lew Cirne, first started tinkering around with Pixie and participating in our community, we noticed an alignment in our visions for the future of observability, as well as echoes of New Relic’s developer-centric roots in Pixie. Joining New Relic will provide us with an unprecedented opportunity to reach millions of developers faster by open-sourcing a self-managed version of Pixie in the upcoming months.

When we started Pixie in 2018, Kubernetes was rapidly gaining traction. We felt that a new approach to observability was needed due to the new, fundamental challenges in observing distributed, ephemeral systems. We founded Pixie in order to provide instant, flexible observability for developers like ourselves who were building applications on Kubernetes.

However, we knew that the most developer-friendly version of Pixie must be open-source. In a forward-looking move, New Relic is giving us the opportunity to open-source Pixie and focus on providing world-class observability to all developers. The developer community is a core element of New Relic’s vision, and Pixie’s open-source offering will be a key part of that initiative and the primary area of focus for the Pixie team going forward.

We are so excited to begin working with New Relic on our shared vision for the future of observability. In the coming months, we’ll be jointly committing our roadmap in the following initiatives:

  • Pixie Core: An open-source and self-managed version of Pixie which we will release to the CNCF sandbox early next year. As part of the process, we look forward to speaking with you about this at Kubecon-EU on May’21. Due to Pixie’s and New Relic’s commitment to open standards, we also plan to build out integrations with OpenTelemetry, Prometheus, and Grafana.

  • Pixie By New Relic: Our current Pixie Community offering will continue as a hosted version of Pixie Core and existing New Relic One customers will soon get instant access to Pixie data with a few clicks. Their existing experiences will be augmented with the metrics, logs, events, and application traces that Pixie automatically provides.

  • Pixie by New Relic, Enterprise Edition: Industry-specific solutions for sectors such as Media, Telecommunications, and Government that allow enterprise customers to install Pixie entirely inside production clusters while meeting compliance, data security, support, and performance requirements.

Finally, our journey is just beginning. We are a team of 12 people with a huge vision to reach every Kubernetes developer. As we embark on this part of our journey, we encourage anyone passionate about open source, Kubernetes, and observability to apply to join us here.

You can try out Pixie here, learn more about us here and ping us anytime on our Pixienaut community slack.

Zain Asgar

GVP/GM @ New Relic, Co-Founder/CEO of Pixie Labs

Ishan Mukherjee

Co-Founder/CPO of Pixie Labs
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