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Zain Asgar, Michelle Nguyen
October 12, 20211 minutes read
GVP/GM @ New Relic, Co-Founder/CEO of Pixie Labs
Principal Engineer @ New Relic, Founding Engineer @ Pixie Labs

Pixie will be attending this year's Kubecon + Cloud NativeCon NA in Los Angeles and Virtually! Pixie was accepted to CNCF’s Sandbox in June 2021 and we have just officially completed the Sandbox onboarding process. As a newly fledged CNCF Sandbox project, we're excited to connect with the community.

Come chat observability, eBPF, open-source, and more with Pixie’s core contributors at our booth in the Project Pavilion from 10:30am-4:30pm, on all event days.

We will also be holding three events this year:

  • Pixie Happy Hour (Tuesday 10/12, 8:30pm @ Spire 73)
    Discuss Pixie, eBPF, and Kubernetes over appetizers, drinks, and sweeping views of Los Angeles from Spire 73, the tallest open-air bar in the Western hemisphere.
  • Project Office Hours (Wednesday 10/13, 3:30pm @ Online)
    We're excited to meet everyone at our office hours! We welcome all questions about Pixie, whether they're questions about what Pixie is, or low-level questions about Pixie's internal workings.
  • Data Science for Infrastructure: Observe, Understand, Automate (Friday 10/15, 11:00am @ Concourse Hall 152)
    Learn how Pixie's data can be transformed to high-level signals that can be used in a variety of use cases from Zain Asgar and Natalie Serrino (core contributors).

Here are some of the events we'll be attending. We hope to see you at them, along with the many other exciting talks at Kubecon!

Wednesday, October 13

Thursday, October 14

Friday, October 15

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